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If You’re a Business That Wants to Fill Specialized "Aerospace" Roles With Expert Talent You Should Call Us Right Now

Learn How You Can Acquire Qualified, Experienced and Skilled Engineers, Technical Sales People or Managers…And Pay As Low As 15% On Recruiting Fees

We're An Aerospace Recruitment Agency That Specializes In Aerospace & Aviation Businesses...

  • You benefit from over 10 years of experience and an extensive number of connections in technical sales, management and engineering. We specialize in the recruitment of a wide range of aerospace and aviation professionals.
  • We have solved recruiting challenges for over 19 firms both large and mid-sized on a regular basis.
  • You acquire talented and experienced candidates for a recruiting fee as low as 15%. (The industry standard is often 20-25%.)

You want only the top team talent for your business. An aerospace recruitment agency who specializes in your industry and business knows what you need and delivers you the right person so you don't have to wait weeks or months to fill highly specialized roles yourself.

You should not contact us if you are a candidate or an organization that wants only temporary or part time staff. We recruit the very best for full time positions only. You are welcome to contact less specialized recruiters instead.

Call us now at (905) 482-0636 or fill out the form on this page for your free consultation.

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We Are An Expert Aerospace Recruitment Agency And We Will Solve Your Vacancy Problems Quickly

Call now and speak with one of our aerospace recruitment specialists and we will help you fill your vacancy quickly with highly talented, great fit candidates while saving you thousands of dollars in lost business, productivity and morale.

This consultation is absolutely free and we will answer any and all questions you may have.


What Clients Say...

“Brian is a trustworthy business partner and has successfully recommended outstanding candidates to Phillips E.T. despite the difficulty to hire for our highly specialized roles. During my interaction with many recruiting firms, Brian and his firm stand out because of their dedication to customer service, quality of candidates and extensive knowledge of our industry. I enjoy working with Brian and will ask for his help whenever I have recruiting needs."

Fang (Ann) Wei, HR Manager

Formerly at Phillips Engineering Technologies - Heavy Machine Tools

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"Brian provided a service that was exceptionally rewarding. Brian was always on top of the process and followed through with exceptional results. I will recommend Brian to any that need his services. GREAT JOB WELL DONE!"

Kevin Maye, Maintenance Supervisor

KIK Custom Products

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Clients Include...

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