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I’m a front end web developer, former ad guy and code sorcerer with a passion for “breathing life” through animation and wielding preprocessor languages like a musketeer’s rapier. I’ve built web sites with Google Analytics integration, phone lead generation tracking and split testing. I have experience running pay-per-click marketing campaigns (including LinkedIn PPC and Google PPC) and know the best practices behind running them.

I’m a firm believer in process AND results, documenting everything along the way so that no lesson is forgotten.

I thrive on crafting pulsating, living experiences that anyone can dive into no matter what machine they use.

My code is organized like a wine rack and strives to be a standalone teaching manual.

I aim for “minimum effort, maximum impact” as much as possible.

I help you or your business or organization work faster, more effectively and grasp its business goals.

Building the ramparts of code that hold up your web apps like Atlas or coaxing your client’s web sites to purr like a top line Ferrari and…

… making things “fit” together is an obsession.

I’m a Toronto, Ontario native who studied HTML and CSS during his marketing days for landing page design.

I’ve taken courses with HackerYou in downtown Toronto. In my former academic life I studied environmental science and biology.

I am a hacker (in the broadest sense of the word) who strives to crack open the secrets of old and new technologies (ways of doing things)…

In my spare time I regularly study programming languages (like Python), web development (such as Three JS, Angular JS, Meteor JS, Node JS and MVC frameworks of late), technology, neuroscience, psychology, health, business (development and strategy) and marketing (PPC, marketing funnels, email marketing, copywriting).

I’m a reformed diabetic, Paleo-style maverick who uses bodyweight training, some martial arts and high intensity interval exercise to stay in shape (minimum time for maximum impact).

Shorter Bio for Use in Events and Interviews

Sunny Lam is a front end web developer, former ad guy and code sorcerer who builds “living” web sites that DO things and achieves business goals while delving into 3D virtual realities that anyone can experience. Learn more about him at

Affiliations and Disclosures

Sunny answers his own emails and operates all his own social media presence accounts.
Sunny has written six science fiction novellas and one non-fiction book.
Sunny has been a former vegetarian and former full-Paleo cave man.

Personal Note

I find biographies to be really silly things because words rarely capture the full essence of someone. I’m actually quite approachable and more than happy to help if you ask.