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Wes Bos' BBQ party at his place in Hamilton, ON. Chatting about Perch CMS, WordPress, freelancing and Javascript frameworks like React JS.

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3 Things You Might Learn At Barbecue Parties


Likely the last place you’d think of learning something code related.

Weeks ago Wes Bos threw a BBQ party for the HackerYou grads.

I threw caution to the winds and travelled over to Hamilton to meet the local dev celebrity.

At the party I ran into several other developers working for different companies like Demac Media.

Melissa Clark and Jessica Duarte, also independent developers arrived with friends in tow.

Wes’ dog Snickers took a liking to me and was dancing all over my chest.

(Snickers also likes to crunch water bottles.)

So what did I learn… that you will benefit from?

Perch is an Easy CMS For…


That’s what Melissa told us while cracking down on the chips.

She’s one helpful soul I give her that much.

Perch CMS is like WordPress however the back end is easier — there’s less of a learning curve.

For many clients, even WordPress’ back end is still too hard to grasp.

And we all know that easy learning curves are a blessing for anyone and everyone.

Even developers.

Perch is the child of some UK guys.

And if some Brits are behind it, it must be worth checking out right?

React JS Is…

Something the developers at HackerYou are diving into.

That’s what Jordan was chatting up.

(And two days later, Drew Minns, one of the instructors at HackerYou flat out told me that it was awesome… and Drew knows what good code frameworks are.)

Is it easier than Angular JS version 1?


Another thing to delve into.

Freelancers Can Be…

Kind of down lately.

That’s the word on the grape vine.

Thing is finding clients who are worth working with is always a challenge.

It’s always best to work with clients who understand the value of web development.

What’s even better are clients who understand web development and marketing.

That’s as rare as a blue moon.


Most clients don’t know what they want (or don’t know what they really ought to want).

Best way to find the diamonds in the rough is to “rack the shotgun” — create a lead magnet or bait that attracts only the most qualified kind of clients you want to work with and then focus only on those.

It’s the hyper-responsive “5 percent”.

Most times these kind of social events are just for fun.

You never think you’ll actually learn something handy though sometimes it can surprise you.

What was one thing you learned at the last barbecue party you attended?

Leave a comment if you want.



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