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You can have no arms or legs and still kick ass.  

Dead serious.  

Caleb Smith is a Minnesota high school wrestler who fits the bill.  

He was born with a rare blood disease and the doctors had to chop off his “arms below the elbows and legs below the knees.”  Could you imagine living a life like that?  Yet this guy is stronger than most wrestlers at his weight and… 

… his foes don’t know how to beat his unusual style.  

It puts them off balance… 


And That’s Exactly What Your Copywriting and Marketing Has To Do!

If your marketing fights like everyone else expects it too, you’re going to be get drilled into the ground with a jackhammer.  

You’ve got to keep your readers and your market on their toes with your copywriting — and getting a copywriter to help you pull that off helps a ton.  

Sure you’re not missing your arms and legs like Caleb is …

… but you sure as hell can take a page out of his playbook.  

Don’t be like the other “wimps and weasels” out there copying each other — and thinking “that’s” marketing.  

Get inside your market’s head.

And then topple them with what they expect… with a twist.  

If you can’t figure out that unfair advantage that will blow away your customers (and your competition) then … you need to ring me up at 1.416.845.0818 or email me at for a thirty minute consultation.



Sunny Lam

Sunny Lam

Marketing Consultant & Copywriter

March 18, 2013

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

South of the Danforth (Beaches-Woodbine)


P.S.  You can watch the NBC video report that’s been taking YouTube by storm at

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