If at first you market badly, choose a Pope

Pope Francis Marketing Copywriter Toronto


Millions of die hard Catholics had their eyes glued to the tube Wednesday.


They were waiting to see who was going to be the next Pope.  

Turns out it would be Pope Francis.  

Now don’t get me wrong I’m not a huge fan of religion — especially the Christian type… however, my brother was.  

He jumped me from behind when he came by and screamed, “Did you hear who the new pope was?”

“Sure.  Some guy.”

“It’s Pope Francis!  The man rides to work on the subway and he’s a Jesuit.  They believe in giving up all wealth in the name of God.”

A light lit up in my head.  

The marketing bulb.  

“Smart move on the part of the Catholics.  I mean it’s all part of the game plan to clean up their image.  He’s a Pope who rides subways to work and doesn’t believe in being a rich, fat cat who’s as corrupt as the Mafia.”  

It’s about positioning.  Setting the stage.  The big idea.

In this case, the big idea the Church wants to send to the rest of us:  “Look!  We’re cleaning house.  We’re down to earth.  We still believe in good, old-fashioned values.”  (Read:  we’re not supporting those fat cats on Wall Street and we’re going to clean up the sex abuse stuff)

It’s what they’re going to stand behind.  

They want it to define them.

(They hope.)

So what are you going to do to come up with your “big idea”?  

You’re Unique Selling Proposition?

Do you even know how to find it?  

This thing you’re going to stand for?

Because if you’re clueless about how to position yourself, your image, your “unique”-ness than you definitely want to call me up at 1.416.845.0818 or email me at sunnylam@sunnylam.ca.  

If you don’t know what you want to “stand for”, your business, startup or product could be headed for “hell”.  



Sunny Lam

Sunny Lam

Marketing Consultant & Copywriter

March 15, 2013

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

South of the Danforth (Beaches-Woodbine)


Pope Francis (Above Right Photo via Casa Rosada)

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